Kairos Patriot Academy

Kairos Patriot Academy is an alternative system of education, providing a safe space for children to learn about the love of Jesus and develop a life long love of learning.

  • a micro school which enables individualized attention in a multi level environment
  • each unique, individual child knowing they are loved and cared for so they are confident to to explore, discover, and investigate the Father’s world
  • at KPA we will honor biblical parental authority and the US Constitutition, which will enable a consistent and stable setting for our schoolhouse
  • a 2022 winner of the VELA MicroGrant


Child doing school work.

What is a MicroSchool?

A MicroSchool is defined as:

  • Any non-traditional gathering of students using the same curriculum and meeting regularly to engage together in its content
  • Two or more families meeting one to five days a week
  • A small church hiring teachers to engage in small multi-age classrooms
  • Listen to KPA’s Principal Interview below:

Interview with Leah McGhee Brooks - KPA Principal

by Illinois Family Spotlight | #314

A Christian Biblical Worldview | KPA's Curriculum

We offer My Father’s World curriculum at Kairos Patriot Academy.

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For more information, or to schedule a tour, contact our Principal at kpa@testamentoflove.org, or by dialing (888) 496-5171, extension 3.