“Ask of Me and I give nations — thy inheritance, And thy possession — the ends of earth.” – Psalms 2:8 YLT

America was founded by God for a specific purpose – FREEDOM! And, because it was God’s idea and because America was founded to fulfill God’s purpose, the enemy has tried to destroy it in many ways from its very beginning. However, he was unable to because it was founded upon TRUST IN GOD. Trusting God, which is faith in God, is not just an expression. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life that offers a safe place for all mankind, because faith is a spiritual force for which the devil has no defense and against which he has no power.

When America was founded the business of slavery infected most of the known world. It was a practice that goes back in history as far as we have records. But, listening to some of the                 anti-American propagandists, one would almost be led to believe that America invented slavery. I believe one of the reasons America was founded by God was to END SLAVERY.

The New Testament is the most magnificent Document in the history of the world, authored by the Holy Spirit and sealed by the Blood of God, Himself. Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, through whom Truth came into the world, said, that when we know the Truth, the Truth will make us free! (John 8:31-32) So, whether we are a slave to another person, or slaves to sin, God hates all slavery and everything that brings man into slavery! He came to make us free, regardless of what form of slavery man found himself in. He brought the Truth so we can choose to walk in that Truth and experience True Freedom!

 This is why we need to pray and believe God to fulfill His Word, as the above scripture states, to give us the nations (This Nation) in order to liberate people with the Gospel of salvation. Let them know how valuable they are to God, and what He has done for them. Educate them as to who they are in Christ, showing them everything Jesus has done for them! We are notto possess people, but nations, and we have the authority over the evil spirits that drive godless ideologies that diminish man’s value and enslave his soul. When we have reached the ends of the earth our assignment will be complete.

God is a Liberator – It’s the devil who comes to Steal, Kill and to Destroy! (John 10:10)

If our leaders steal, and allow laws that dictate death to the innocent, they will reap corruption. If our leaders lie, they are speaking the language of the devil, because the devil is the father of all lies! (John 8:44) However, if they truly repent, God will forgive and restore! It’s a choice… Truth that liberates or lies that bring bondage.

Free choice! That’s God’s purpose for America, and that’s His purpose for you!

With Love,

Pastor Tom