Dear TLC Family & Friends,

On March 30th we sent out our Prayer of Agreement as the Holy Spirit directed us to come into agreement with His Word concerning the four areas we mentioned (please continue to refer to that prayer and stand with us in agreement!).

In response, the enemy has continued to vie for our attention with more words of fear and doubt. His goal is to make it appear as if Covid-19 is bigger than God! It’s not! Words that bring fear and doubt are never of God. Jesus never talked fear or doubt to anyone! Words of fear and doubt should be taken by the Body of Christ as an insult to our magnificent Lord! Jesus is called the Lord of Glory because He is!

Whatever people are saying about this virus, we have to remain fixed on the eternal Words of Jesus that have never changed!

John 10:3-4 “My sheep know My voice… they hear My voice. I lead them… and they follow Me. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.”

Proverbs 4:20-22 says “…Attend to MY words, incline your ear to MY sayings, don’t let them (MY Words) depart from your eyes, KEEP them (MY Words) in the midst of your heart! Words that come from strangers are words of fear and doubt. Words that come from Jesus are words of faith and encouragement!

Let’s make sure we are hearing and heeding HIS VOICE and not the voice of the enemy!

Listen to God’s voice and meditate on John Chapter 10. It will give you some powerful revelation about how to be led by the voice of God.

Meanwhile, we need to understand that Covid-19 has a name, and that name has to bow its knee to the Name above every name! (Phil. 2:9-10)

  • When whispers of fear come, SHOUT the Name of Jesus!
  • When doubts start crowding in, SHOUT the Name of Jesus!
  • When symptoms begin to speak in your body, SHOUT the Name of Jesus!
  • When shortages come, SHOUT the Name of Jesus!
  • When lay-offs come, SHOUT the Name of Jesus!

When the enemy comes in…..  SHOUT the Name of Jesus and let the FLOOD of heavenly angels and the power of God drive him out! Chase him down! And put him to flight while your Father covers you with His feathers, while you rest under His wings trusting in Him! (Psalm 91)

Remember – YOU – are the object of His love!

With Love,

Pastor Tom