I remember walking along Jones Beach on the south side of Long Island when I was a kid. As I walked down the shore, I stopped for a moment to look out to the Ocean, the seagulls were flying, dogs were running, and people were enjoying the fresh scents of the salty air. When I looked to see how far I had walked, I noticed my footprints were gone. They were all washed away by the waves which erased even the memory of my ever being there. That’s exactly what the Bible says about our iniquities and sins. God said, “…I will remember them no more” (Jeremiah 31:34). He doesn’t remember them because He washed them away. They no longer exist!

If we look at what the Word of God says about us before we were born again, we’ll find that heaven’s memory banks have no record of that person ever existing. Those files were deleted the moment we were born into God’s family! God doesn’t deal with us according to who we were, but according to who He has made us to be – new creations! So, let’s keep walking with God and enjoying His presence and let His Covenant provisions take care of the past – because our future is brighter than it’s ever been!

With Love,

Pastor Tom