“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.” I Chronicles 12:32

The 12th chapter of I Chronicles reveals some valuable truths. It provides us with lists of the men of Israel by tribe who were trained for war. Some tribes had many thousands of ready soldiers, and some had only a few thousand. But they all had thousands of warriors. When it describes the Tribe of Issachar however, there is no mention of their warriors, it only acknowledges their leaders. It tells us there were 200, and it says that they had understanding of their times, and they knew what Israel needed to do! These men were leaders, and from what we can read from this context, all their brethren were willingly submitted to these 200 leaders.

Those who understand the times, and can read the trends from a spiritual viewpoint, are those who are awake! And their presence of mind is what gives them an edge in any war! They are the ones who can organize and marshal their efforts successfully against the real agenda of their enemies. Instead of getting entangled in narratives (usually false ones) and the gibberish salad of the month, they can see where trends are leading, and they’ll KNOW what needs to be done.

We know from our own history, as Americans, even before the Revolutionary War, there were a select few who really understood the times, and they knew what needed to be done. They pledged their lives, their sacred honor, and their fortunes when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Over half of the Colonists still remained loyal to King George, and in the final analysis it was only 8% of the American Colonists who fought in the Revolutionary War. Their enemies were their fellow colonists, who were betraying them to the British, the British Armies, and the German Hessians, who England hired to help them. In other words, 8% of the American Colonists, who understood what was at stake, followed their leaders, and beat the most powerful military in the world at the time!

Over half of the colonists were asleep, lulled into submitting to a tyrant who saw them as nothing more than subjects, yet they blindly submitted to a tyrant. We see those similar lines drawn even now. Half of our nation is asleep, yet a growing number are waking up!

It’s not the size of armies, or the absolute power of tyrants, who rule by fear and brutality that wins wars. It’s the few who understand the times, come together, put aside their differences, and embrace the urgency of the hour and pledge their future, whatever that may, and put their efforts to the real war. America is not in a culture war. America is in a spiritual war. How this war turns out is really based on the ability of the few, who understand the times, and know what needs to be done. So, let’s stop the complaining and the debates that solve nothing. Let’s pray and commit ourselves to the counsel and wisdom that comes from God alone. He will guide us into all Truth, and that Truth will make us, and keep us FREE!

With Love,

Pastor Tom

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