“Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, chief of the captains, and he said: “We are yours, O David;We are on your side, O son of Jesse!Peace, peace to you,And peace to your helpers!For your God helps you.” I Chronicles 12:18

King Saul and his sons were now dead. The armies loyal to Saul, who had been hunting David as an enemy of the king for some ten years, were now faced with a decision. Align with the Philistines or join David. The Philistines wanted to destroy David, and David wasn’t sure if the armies of Israel would betray him to the Philistines. When the armies gathered together before David at Hebron, David went out to meet them, and answered and said to them, “If you have come peaceably to me to help me, my heart will be united with you; but if to betray me to my enemies, since there is no wrong in my hands, may the God of our fathers look and bring judgment.”

Then Amasai, chief of the captains said: “We are yours, O David;We are on your side, O son of Jesse!Peace, peace to you,And peace to your helpers!For your God helps you.”

These are the soldiers who through the years, witnessed David escape every effort they made to capture him. They had him trapped, outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and yet David always managed to slip away. These men recognized the favor of the LORD that was upon David.

Choosing God’s side should be a no-brainer, yet how many tyrannical leaders throughout history have climbed the fool’s hill in defying God, abandoning His truths and the morality that God blesses?

One of the signs of God’s chosen leaders is that no matter what kind of attacks, smears, accusations, lies, or opposition he encounters, he always comes through stronger, and better equipped to lead the people he is called to lead. King David held Israel’s interests as being God’s interests, which is what a leader must do. Let’s speak plainly. Right now, America needs the kind of leader that has the interests of America as the highest priority. The current administration believes America is their own personal profit center. It is a corrupt, self-promoting, self-seeking, self-absorbed and it is completely out of touch with purpose, vision and people of America. White House press conferences, if not insulting to the intelligence of America, are no more than a coverup for the corruption of a godless administration. America needs a leader who can clean up the mess and get us back where we belong. The world needs a strong, free, patriotic and powerful America whose banner waves for the grace of God! The lines are being drawn more clearly every day, and the sifting and settling is almost complete. When we have all been sifted,

whose side will you be on when the smoke clears? Can we say, “We are yours, Jesus; We are on your side, O Son of God! Peace, peace to you, And peace to your sons and daughters! For your God helps you.”

Let’s Pray for America!

With Love,

Pastor Tom

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