“The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?” I Cor. 10:16

Have you ever felt those twinges of Guilt during a Communion Service? Years ago, when I learned about what Jesus did for me through the Cross, that He had to die for me, it made me feel GUILTY! I had always been taught that if someone did something nice for you, it’s only right to return the favor. However, the more I tried to balance the scales by being good, keeping clean thoughts, forgetting the past, resisting feelings of unforgiveness, anger and bitterness; I found myself getting worse thoughts, about myself, my past and others who had hurt me! It seemed like I was stuck in a knot that was only getting bigger and tighter! I thought, ‘This is the Cup of Blessing?!?!’ Whenever I heard Communion even mentioned, I’d shrink in guilt!

Jesus sent a Message of a Gift – Not a Bill for Services Rendered!

Gradually, I began to realize that Jesus wasn’t asking me to balance the scales. Nor was He sending me a bill for services rendered. Love doesn’t ask for something in return! What Jesus did for us through the cross was the greatest act of love ever witnessed for anyone at anytime, anywhere! We have all been given a many-faceted Gift that has been laid up for us to access through faith when we desire to!

See the Cup for What it Accomplished – Not as Something Due!

If Communion is something you dread due to guilt, and you feel unworthy to sip from the Cup, then you’re not giving the Blood its rightful place in your life. Communion was given so we might fellowship with God, not be judged by Him. Communion teaches us how to receive the provisions of the New Testament that were given by Grace so we can access them through faith! The Cup tells us that we have already been made accepted with God through faith in His Blood. He isn’t looking for something in return. He’s looking for His life and nature in us to mature to its fullest potential so we can enjoy table fellowship with our heavenly Father without even the scent of guilt. That’s what God believes about the Blood, and when we believe it too, there’s something to look forward to every morning, and the devil will have no place to lodge his guilt and condemnation in us. We know where guilt and condemnation come from because the devil is the ultimate guilty one! We, however, are the object of God’s love!

With love,

Pastor Tom