“We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak.” II Corinthians 4:13

Faith moves in several ways, but it always seeks to produce a desired result. People wonder if they should go to the doctor or should they just believe God for their healing. Well, let’s simplify that question in terms of what we have desired from the Lord, and the desired result. The desired result is healing! That’s the Plan, and that’s the only plan. Faith never has a plan 2. With that being the objective of our faith, we need to be confident enough in God’s love to realize that if we need medical help, we should get it. But let’s pray first, go to the scriptures, and allow God to lead us. God may direct you to see a doctor. Oral Roberts was considered one of the greatest healing evangelists of the 20th Century. His desire was to see all people experience the power of God and be healed, healthy and whole. He knew God as a healing God. Yet, the Lord led him to build the City of Faith Hospital and Medical School. That school has produced some of the finest, Spirit-filled, anointed doctors in our nation today! And those doctors will tell you that faith has a significant effect on their patient’s outcome.

It would be wrong to consider doctors and medicine to be a lower option, or a Plan 2. No, the desired result is THE PLAN! God may have raised those doctors up for such a time as this, and for such a person as YOU! There are practical things God has placed at our disposal and we need to be open to those provisions. For instance, a prominent member of the Apostle Paul’s ministry team was Luke the Physician. Paul had him in his company for a reason. He realized that believers were all at various stages of growth and different levels of maturity in their faith. He knew that God wanted them to be cared for. God meets people where they are at! Having a doctor on his team didn’t stop Paul from raising the dead, casting out demons, healing many people and experiencing the power of God! There is absolutely nothing wrong with consulting doctors, or a lawyer or an insurance agent for that matter!  

 The desired result is the Plan! Stick with the Plan!  Pray, look to the scriptures, and let God lead you! Remember, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Mt. 4:4)We need both the natural bread and the spiritual power of His Word!

With Love,

Pastor Tom

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