“And let the peace of God rule your hearts.” Colossians 3:15

Whatever happens in life, God left us an option to either let our hearts be troubled and afraid, or, let the peace of God rule our hearts. When peace rules our hearts we will be able to resist the fear that comes with life’s difficulties. God knows that we will encounter evil things in this fallen world, so He gave us His own peace to rule over our hearts. He said, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Jesus gave us His Peace so we can use His Peace to rule our hearts. A calm heart is more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

When troubles come it’s always better to let the Peace God rule our hearts, than it is to let the troubles and the fear troubles bring, rule our hearts. But too many times we allow other things to fill our hearts, things like worries, the cares of life, amusements that dull our spiritual edge, and lack of meditating on the Word. Fear fills our future with questions and uncertainties. The Peace of God dismantles uncertainties and brings about God’s plans and provisions. Then, when troubles arise, we won’t be so quick to agree with the trouble. Instead, we’ll let our hearts be ruled by the peace of God!  

Ask yourself, “What are you following today?” You may not realize this, but the decisions we make are very revealing about who and what we are following. Take a look back and examine some of the decisions you’ve made recently. Are they based on counsel from the Holy Spirit? Did the peace of God rule in that decision?  Many times, we allow our desires to make decisions for us. We want something so we get it. But, are you willing to cool your jets a bit and determine if God is directing you to get it? Once we begin to live for our desires we get out into an area where we can be easily deceived. God leads us with His peace.

Godly decisions always emanate from the Word of God, as we allow the Peace of God to rule our hearts. Decisions made together with God are accompanied by a witness inside that assures us that He is with us, and that we can trust that God will bring it to pass. Then, no matter what problems may arise, we know that God is with us and that He will see us through.

 The word “rule” here is same word we would use for ‘umpire.” I didn’t always agree with the umpire, but out of respect for the game, I would honor his decision. Umpires can get it wrong sometimes. But the Holy Spirit is right ALL THE TIME! If we let the Holy Spirit call the balls and strikes on the opportunities that we encounter, we’ll get on base every time! That’s when we’ll score more runs against the enemy and we’ll show him and the world how powerful the Lord is in our life! Let the peace of God rule your heart… all the time!

With Love,

Pastor Tom