“Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness”. Psalm 37:3

Trust is not automatic. Trust, quite frankly, is earned and it’s based on several things. A past track
record reveals if a person is trustworthy, or not. Well, the only One I know of who has a perfect track
record, has already recorded it for us in His Word. The Bible has furnished us with the only perfect
record which, not only has built in provisions we can trust, but provisions in which God must adhere to.
In fact, the Covenant He has made in His own Blood, means that if He doesn’t fulfill His Promise – He
would be forfeiting His own righteousness and therefore, guilty of lying, which would mean His own


God promised that the Good Shepherd would lead us to Green Pastures and Pure Waters. The green
pastures represent the fellowship of likeminded believers we can confide in, those who know the Lord
and His Spirit. They trust in God; therefore, they are trustworthy. They Love God, therefore, they Love

those who God loves.

The pure, still waters represent the pure Word of God that builds up our faith in the One who can be
trusted above all – that One is God. He is faithful to watch over His Word and fulfill it as we act on it.
The above scripture tells us to “…dwell in the land.” What does that mean? Quite simply, it refers to the
Promised Land which God promised to the Jews when He made a Covenant with Abraham 4,000 years
ago. It represents the Promises of God to us in the New Covenant. So, this is telling us to Live in His
Promises. As we feed on His promises, we are also feeding on His faithfulness. Hebrews 10:23 tells us
that, “He who promised is faithful.” Since we have a Father in heaven who has proved Himself faithful
let’s refuse to worry. Worry is nothing more than meditating on the words of the devil. Let’s feed on His
faithfulness and hide God’s Word in our hearts, and walk confidently, enjoying the fullness of life He has provided for us in His Word!

With Love,
Pastor Tom