“But so much the more went there a fame abroad of Him; and great multitudes came together to HEAR, AND to BE HEALED by Him of their infirmities.” Luke 5:15

Many people have a false concept in regard to divine healing. Many wait for a feeling to let them know they are being healed, or, a sign or some physical evidence to confirm their healing. That’s not what the Bible teaches. It says that people “…came together to HEAR, and BE HEALED by Him.”

I remember when a member of the church that we once attended had a form of terminal cancer. He stood up before the Church and said that God had not chosen to heal him. The Lord told me to ask him how he knew he wasn’t healed yet. He said, “Because I’m not healed. The doctors told me I’m not healed!” Then, the Holy Spirit asked me, “Who is he listening to, his doctors, or My Word?” Then God said to me, “Did I ever tell anyone to depend on their body to tell them if My Word is true or not?” The answer was obviously, “No.” He gave us His Word so we could HEAR what He says about our bodies. “He sent His Word and healed them…” Ps. 107:20

When we hear what God says, and receive His Word, we will be healed, as they were in the verse above, that says, “great multitudes came together to HEAR, AND to BE HEALED by Him of their infirmities.”

Let’s give God’s Word first place (not our bodies) when it comes to sickness, weariness, physical depletion, and all physical ills. When we do, those sicknesses will have to leave us because they will not be able to stay where the Word of God is given first place, every place and final place!

But, when we start speaking what our body is saying, we are literally agreeing with the sickness instead of God’s Word. Our words are agreeing with the sickness by saying, “I guess I am sick!” Bingo! That’s when we give our authority over to our body to rule us and we’ll grow even sicker.   

God has provided healing in the New Covenant for us to come and receive. It’s our awesome privilege as heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, to HEAR God’s Word, believe it, come into agreement with it, and BE HEALED of our infirmities! Remember, all things were created by the Word, therefore, all things are subject to the Word – including our physical bodies! When we continually speak the Word of God TO our bodies, they will eventually be transformed by the Words we speak because our Words are agreeing with God’s!

People have all kinds of opinions, but God’s Word is settled forever in heaven. (Ps. 119:89) When we agree with His Word here in the earth, the life and power of His Word is released in our spirit, and when our spirit is abundant with the life of His Word, the words we speak will be accomplished in us! (Mk: 11:23)

With Love,

Pastor Tom