But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. – Job 32:8

Too many times well-meaning Christians make a pretense of faith issues and attempt to give counsel based on the years of experience they have as a pew-warmer, without really understanding God or themselves. Such was the case with Job’s comforters. They serve as a lesson to us and all those who seek to be teachers, counselors, or advisors. True, godly counsel and understanding comes from the Spirit of God. And connecting with the Spirit of God happens when we’re willing to hear and do what He says to do.

Many people want to hear from God, but they may not be committed to do what He tells them to do. They won’t hear from God. We can’t just ask God to talk to us and give us wisdom and direction, and then pick and choose only the things that suit us to do. No, there’s no faith in that! Hearing with a right heart is when we approach God with a heart that is filled with faith and ready to do whatever He tells us to do.

The above scripture was spoken by a young man named Elihu. He didn’t have years of experience or know-how. He wasn’t able to back his counsel with an impressive resume of proven results! But he did have a heart that was filled with faith, and when he spoke, everyone recognized the anointing of God in him. His words cut right through the confusion that Job’s so-called advisors were heaping on him, and opened Job’s heart to hear the counsel of God that brought deliverance, healing and restoration!

You may not have a lot of experiences of faith. You may not come from a pedigree of Biblical elites! But if you have a desire to hear God with a right heart – that is, ready to do whatever He tells you to do… you’ll be miles ahead of the fortune cookie counselors on TV and radio. And God will honor your heart when you honor His Word by being available for Him!

With Love,

Pastor Tom