“Love never fails…” I Corinthians 13:8

Was it too late for the thief on the cross to change the direction of his eternal future? Was it too
late for Paul and Silas when they were in the darkest, coldest, inner part of a prison in Philippi?
Was it too late for Daniel when he was being thrown into the lion’s den? Was it too late for Peter
when he was lying in a prison cell in Jerusalem awaiting execution the next morning? Was it too
late for Elisha when he was surrounded by the Syrian Army? Was it too late for Jabez? For
Mephibosheth? For Jairus’s daughter? For the leper, or blind Bartimaeus, or the woman with the issue of blood?

Well then, it’s not too late for you either! Love Never Fails! When we step into Love, we are
stepping into the hands of our unfailing, Loving God and His resources, abilities and power! So, the question is, how do we step into Love?

Psalm 91 tells us what to do! Declare to the devil and his minions, “…the LORD is my refuge and
fortress, my God; in Him I will trust!” Then it says, “He will deliver you! He will cover you with
His feathers! I will only be a spectator when I see the reward of the wicked!”
The thief on the cross got himself into his own dilemma, yet when he turned to Jesus, Jesus
opened heaven to him. Paul and Silas delivered a young girl from a demon who brought her
masters much gain from fortunetelling, and the devil hit back, and they were thrown into prison.
Paul and Silas turned to God in Praise, and God shook the prison and all the prison doors came
off! Daniel’s enemies set a trap for him for which he was thrown into the lion’s den. Their trap
backfired on them, and while Daniel was delivered from the lions – his enemies became the lions next meal. I could go on, but you get the point, right?

Turning to God is turning to Love, and Love never fails – He is a present help in time of need, because Never means Never! Even if it’s at the last second!

With Love,
Pastor Tom