“He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God…” Romans 4:20

Have you ever felt like giving up on a promise you saw in the Bible? I know I have. There are dynamics in the Word of God that are foolishness to the natural man. It’s not until we are born again and have received the Holy Spirit that those dynamics will make sense to us. That’s because the Holy Spirit authored the Bible and He is the One who reveals it. Jesus said He will lead us and guide us into all truth and show us things to come! (John 16:13-14)

The Bible is a spiritual Book and it is unlike any other book ever written. When Jesus quoted the Word of God to the devil, he couldn’t do anything but depart. If you would like to get to the root of many problems you’ve experienced, it all starts by reading and meditating on the Word of God. The Word of God is powerful, and God gave it to us as an avenue for Him to bring blessing into our lives and to empower us! It is also meant to be our primary weapon against the enemy because there is nothing more powerful than God’s Word!

Think about it – God created the universe with His Word!

The Promises of God are equally as powerful! Peter said, in II Peter 1:4, that God has “given us exceedingly great and precious promises: that by these we become partakers of the divine nature!” Since being born again, and having received eternal life, which is God’s Divine Nature, we can see with new eyes, the eyes of our understanding that see through the trials of life and give us revelation knowledge and wisdom to tap into the assets of our inheritance and receive the exceeding greatness of God’s power! (Eph 1:17-19)

We really need to see the promises with the eyes of our understanding in order for them to manifest in our lives! That’s when we really begin to fellowship with God’s Word and His Promises in a dynamic new way!

We encourage everyone to find promises in the Bible that fit the needs that arise in life. Believe God to fulfill His promises in your life, and never be afraid to ask Him to lead you into HIS Truth and guide you into His Promises! God gave them to you! He wants you to experience all of them!

With Love,

Pastor Tom