“For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries.” 1 Corinthians 14:2 NASB

As believers, we have a literal arsenal of revelation knowledge and spiritual supply that’s always available to us. Too many of God’s kids, however, don’t understand how to tap into the supply.

The word “MYSTERIES” above, is the Greek word, musterion; and it refers to divine secrets!

When we pray or speak to God in a tongue, there are several things that come into play.

First, we are speaking directly to God – not people. This carries the assumption that tongues is a personal method God has given the believer to communicate directly with Him, and therefore, cannot be of the devil, as ignorant teachers have led many to believe.

Second, no one understands what we are saying, including the one who’s speaking in a tongue. This also includes the devil. One reason the devil hates tongues so much and fights so hard against it, is because he has no idea what your speaking, or what God is interpreting back to you! He knows the power of tongues! He saw it manifest in the life of the Apostle Paul! He knows the revelation that can be released through praying in tongues, and no one prayed in tongues more than Paul! And no one had more revelation than Paul either! That prompted the devil to launch his attack against Paul. The Lord pointed out to Paul that grace was sufficient for Paul to defeat that messenger of satan, and Paul was always consistent with the fact that he was thankful to God, who always caused him to triumph in Christ!

Third, in our spirits we are speaking mysteries, which are divine secrets! The kingdom of God begins to open up to us and reveal secrets that may include the impartation of other gifts of the Spirit, such as a word of knowledge or wisdom, or maybe the gift of discerning of spirits. Discerning of spirits show us what’s going on in the spirit realm so we can come against it. Many ministers who operate in spiritual gifts have stated that the more they pray in tongues, the more the other gifts of the Spirit are in operation in their lives and ministries.  And let’s not forget the gift of interpretation of tongues, and 1 Corinthians 14:13, encourages us to pray for the ability to interpret the things which we pray in tongues.

Praying in tongues opens up supernatural abilities in us to operate in the power of the kingdom of God!

Secrets  and mysteries of the kingdom of God don’t have to stay mysteries to the believer. Jesus said that it has been given to us to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God (Mark 4:11), and one of the keys He has given us is praying in tongues! It’s a powerful and wonderful gift!

With Love,

Pastor Tom  

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