“Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air.” – I Corinthians 9:26

Every time the devil thought he had Paul cornered, imprisoned, whipped, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, or snake-bitten, Paul always managed to get out in front of him. He knew how to change the game around and get out in front, because he knew in whom he believed!

Paul was not aimless or uncertain in anything he did. His prayers had purpose and strategy. His mission trips were ordered and led by God. He always surrounded himself with wise counsel and believers who shared his vision. When he preached, it wasn’t just words, but power and demonstration of the Spirit! His prayers and preaching hit the target every time! He knew that the Gospel was the power of God to all who believe, and his assignment was to preach the Word of Faith (Rom. 10:8) so men would believe and receive the power of God!

Faith gets us out in front of every plot, every trial, every attack and every situation the devil brings our way! Our assignment is to believe in God’s love and His power which is always able to deliver us and get us to where he has called us to be! He calls us MORE THAN CONQUERORS! He calls us LIFE! He calls us LOVE! He calls us OVERCOMERS! He calls us KINGS REIGNING IN LIFE! He calls us HIS BODY IN THE EARTH! He calls us THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHIRIST! He calls us BLESSED AND EMPOWERED! He calls us ANOINTED! He calls us THE HEALED!!! He calls us THE REDEEMED FROM THE CURSE AND RAISED UP WITH CHRIST! That’s getting out in front saints!!! That’s taking the lead and running with certainty and walking with purpose and power!

The devil will do anything he can to stop you from believing that you are who God says you are! But YOU are the one who decides who and what you’re going to believe! Once you believe what God says about you and allow it to be conceived in your heart, formed by your tongue and spoken out of your mouth; the devil can’t stop it no matter how hard he tries, because the Greater One is in YOU! (I John 4:4)

With Love,

Pastor Tom