“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.” Mt. 6:22

If we meditate on this scripture, we will have to eventually ask ourselves; ‘What determines a good eye or a bad eye?’ It has to do with what we see and how we see it. This is important, because, how we see things can determine our success or failure in any area of our life. It can mean the difference between going into full-blown panic mode or having the peace of God keep our heart and mind through Christ. I think we all understand that we have a deep need for inner peace right now, and how to be led by that peace.

The million-dollar question is, “Who controls that?  Who controls our eyes whether they’re good or bad? The short answer is, we do! That becomes obvious when we ask ourselves the right question, and that is; “Who will be responsible for it on the Day of Judgment?” That question should settle most of the questions about who’s in control of what. God would never require us to answer for something He hasn’t placed in our care and under our authority.

The Good News is, that if we’re responsible for something, we can be sure that God has already empowered us to reign over it and walk above it! In this case, it’s whether our eye is good or bad. What we see and how we see it is really up to us. God has given us a way to see things the way He does and that is by meditating on His Word! By doing so, we flush darkness out of our souls and fill our entire being with light! That’s when we begin to see things the way God sees them and that darkness will no longer have power over us! We’ll also see ourselves the way God sees us.     

Psalms 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your Word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Light drives out darkness and confusion and gives understanding!

In Mt.11:49, Jesus called the Word of God the wisdom of God. Therefore, meditating on the Word gives us the light of wisdom and drives foolishness out. Why? Because the entrance of His Word gives light! Jesus also said that healing is the children’s bread! (Mt.15:26). Therefore, if we meditate on the Word, healing will drive out sickness! Why? Because the entrance of His Word gives light! Light drives darkness out and brings understanding which transforms our perception of what we see and how we see it and our response will be one of understanding. Then our eyes will be good and our whole body will be filled with light! 

With Love,

Pastor Tom