“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” Matthew 24:35

There is no higher power than the all-authoritative and all-powerful Word of the living God! The Bible calls the Word of God a living thing and a creative force! It says that the Word of God brings healing and soothes the wounds of the heart. The Word of God is referred to by the Apostle Paul as the two-edged Sword of the Spirit! Jesus said, “My Words shall not pass away.”

God’s Word, even from the beginning has never lost its power! Its creative power is still multiplying exponentially as the physical universe is still being created at the speed of light! Planets, stars, and galaxies are still being flung into existence in perfect order according the one phrase God spoke in the beginning; “Light Be – Light was!”  

That is the same Word that was made flesh and lived among us, as one of us; who tasted death for every man and was made alive again in the spirit! He is the first born of many brethren and is now your Brother – your Savior – your God, and your FRIEND!

All that He is – the Living, Creative, All- Authoritative, Healing, Delivering, Empowering Word of God; filled with New Mercies Every Morning and Grace beyond our ability to Comprehend – ALL OF IT…  lives and abides in you!

If that surprises you, it’s because you simply haven’t been abiding in that Word! Now, that may not sound like Good News, but really, it is! Because you are the one who decides to abide in the Word. When you do, that Word will begin to ignite the new creation within you and bring all of it to life! All you need to do is to commit to be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only! The Power of the Word is released by faith as we do it! That’s when the not-so-interesting waters of this life become the wines of celebration as we become infused with the Word that can never fail and will never pass away!

With Love,

Pastor Tom