“…And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…” – Romans 12:2

Many never realize that disappointment, like other negative emotions, is merely one of the tools the enemy uses to CONFORM us to this world’s system of hopelessness. Many go through life as if the Cross never happened, waiting for a transformation that has already happened, but don’t know it!

In this fallen world disappointment is inevitable. It comes to all of us. Jesus said it would. But harboring disappointments never helped anyone. Did you realize that you can actually make a trade and replace your disappointments with hope! It’s called the renewing of the mind! The truth is, all of us are in the process of either being conformed to this world or transformed from within!

Again, we can trade disappointment for Hope! It’s called the renewing of our mind. The word renew means to renovate! Our Church took on a renovation project last year. We tore down walls, gutted most of the inside, replaced and relocated doors, re-wired the electricity, pulled up carpeting, put new locks on doors, re-worked piping and plumbing; we adjusted sprinklers, and the list goes on. After that came the painting and the rest of the décor. It was a complete renovation from top to bottom and throughout our new facility! Our Church Home was transformed because it was renovated! We also are transformed when the Word of God starts renovating our minds, replacing old ways of thinking and introducing new thoughts with limitless potential!

Trading disappointments for hope is as simple as spending time meditating on the Word and doing what it says. By doing so, we allow the Word to do its work in the inner chambers of our minds. We have all been disappointed, but we don’t have to let it be our master. We have one Master, even Jesus! He knows how to overcome disappointment and heartache. He’d love to show you the secrets of hope; hope that leads to resurrection power being released in your life; and He will, if you spend time learning about Him in the Word of God!

With Love,

Pastor Tom