”Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us.“ – 2 Corinthians 5:20

In order to understand the magnitude of this scripture, we need to have a clear understanding of delegated authority which defines the office of an ambassador. Simply put, an ambassador is a representative with authority to act on a nation’s behalf. While in residence in a foreign country, he holds the power to carry out the interests of the country he represents. In other words, when he speaks, his words carry the full weight of the nation he represents! In short, he IS the nation he represents!

There are many benefits an ambassador enjoys while on foreign soil. He is free from any form of prosecution and cannot be arrested or charged with a crime. This is called diplomatic immunity. His protection is almost guaranteed while he resides in the foreign nation because any act of aggression against him is to be considered an act of war against the nation he represents, and the full weight of retaliation is to be considered justified in responding in kind to any acts of aggression toward an ambassador. While the international laws of diplomatic immunity are sometimes cowered away from in regard to retaliation, God never cowers away. When God calls us His ambassadors, He is placing His inalterable oath upon our calling. It means that we have the full weight of heaven’s power backing us, just as a police uniform carries the full weight of the government he represents. So, as far as the devil and his minions are concerned, as ambassadors for Christ, he sees us as no less than Christ, Himself, which rings very clearly for us in I John 4:17, where it is written, “…as he is, so are we in this world.”

So, if we believe everything the Bible says about God, then we must also believe everything God has said about US, because whatever God has said about us is the identity He has given us as ambassadors in residence in this world. The devil is very aware of our diplomatic immunity while we are resident in this world. In other words, he knows what God’s Word says about us and, although he hates it, he has to hearken to it. So, if the devil believes all that the Word of God says about us, then we should have no problem believing it either! It is the very mirror we look into to see who we really are, what we have, all we can do, and where we are seated with Christ, and it is the very voucher of the delegated authority we carry as ambassadors for Christ!

With Love,

Pastor Tom