“I will meditate also upon all Your works and consider all Your [mighty] deeds.” Psalm 77:12 AMPC

The military has a term called, “Going in Blind.” It’s a term that tells them that they have limited
intelligence and they’re not sure what to expect when they attack their target. It’s during the hours and
moments before they attack that they are reviewing all their training and going over it in their minds
repeatedly until their senses are sharpened to react according to their training, and not according to
fear. This is actually a form of meditation that keeps them sharp, prepared, and able to operate at the highest level.

One would argue that warfare tactics and life strategies are not always compatible due to the intensity of
war. I would disagree, especially if you could see into the spirit realm and look at the demonic forces
arrayed against you. Many Christians head into their daily life and routine like a soldier who is going
into battle blind. At least that soldier is on the offensive. That alone, gives them a tactical advantage.
Too many in the Body of Christ are usually on the defensive. They are unprepared, lacking knowledge of
the power of God, the weapons of their warfare, and the tools God has given them to overcome sin,
sickness, demons and fear! And let’s not forget about overcoming tests, trails and temptations.
David said, in the above verse, he would meditate on all of God’s works and consider His mighty deeds.
In the New Testament WE are His workmanship, and, as such we should consider the unlimited
abilities of the new creation and the mighty deeds we have been equipped for. Let’s meditate on who we
are, what we can do, what we have, and where we are seated in Christ. Let’s renew our minds to the new
creation realities that are ours in Christ, that we are ambassadors for Christ, having diplomatic
immunity so we can now go on the offensive to the extent that the gates of hell will fall, and people will
be saved and set free; that we are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! And, as we choose
to believe the Word and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth, we will receive revelation knowledge of how to operate at our highest level in the power of God!

In the Body of Christ, we don’t have go into anything blind. Jesus said, “I Am the Light of the world. He
who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but he shall have the light of life.” We’re not fighting FOR
victory – we fight FROM victory! We are the Light of the world! Light always overcomes the darkness!

So… what are you meditating on?

With Love,
Pastor Tom