“And the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled.” – Acts 16:27

The 16th chapter of Acts gives us a great deal of insight into how the devil operates and how we can overcome him every time. This prison keeper had every reason to believe that all was lost when the earthquake hit and all the prison doors were opened. He was sure that his life would be required of him, and his family would be ruined as well. Now he was poised to take his own life. On the other hand, Paul and Silas had every reason in the natural to think that all was lost for them too. They were beaten and bloody. They were locked in the inner part of the prison. Their feet were in stocks, and they were left in stench and total darkness! But, instead of becoming self-destructive, like the prison keeper, they began lifting their voices to God. They sang hymns, praises, and spiritual songs, making melody in their hearts to the Lord… and they did it LOUD!! Not because God is hard of hearing, but to let the other prisoners, and the devil know that Jesus was about to vindicate His Name and release His power!

Previously, Paul had taken out a huge demonic stronghold when he demonstrated the power of the Name of Jesus by publicly casting a demon spirit out of a young slave girl who was bringing in a fortune for her masters. She was most likely well known in Philippi because the language used indicates that she had penetrated a large affluent market. It says that she, “…brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.” And now the devil was hitting Paul back by inciting a riot and getting both Paul and Silas beaten and thrown into prison!

God doesn’t take very well to the devil hitting his ministers. Especially when the Name of Jesus is at stake! When the prison broke apart from the earthquake, things went even worse for the devil!

The praises Paul and Silas raised from the inner prison activated angels… the earthquake shook the prison, and the angels kicked ALL the doors open! The jail keeper thought all was lost and lifting his sword, he was about to take his own life. But Paul cried out, “Don’t do it! We’re all here!

That very night the Philippian jailor was saved with his entire family! God gave a hopeless man a living hope in less than an hour! It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think a good many of the prisoners got saved that night too!

The city of Philippi witnessed the power of God that delivered a slave girl, opened prison doors, and delivered their jailor too! If you are in one of those dark and hopeless spots, you might want to think again about your situation and include God. Psalm 46 says that God is a very present Help in time of trouble. He knows how to take your trouble and put it right back on the devil – BIG TIME!  

With Love,

Pastor Tom

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